Friday, May 22, 2015

We were number 2 in thrash last night. And we got spammed by idiots on twitter.

So lo and behold our song corporate sleezebag got tons of plays yesterday. Because of that it became number 2 in the thrash metal charts on That's cool. What's not cool is the stupidity I had to deal with after I posted this on my personal twitter account (not my bands twitter account).

I got spammed by a moron DJ demanding that I "help my career" by using a service that sends fake plays to to artificially boost the playcount of our songs. That's stupid. We would never do that. For years, other artists have been using such services, on myspace music, on soundcloud, etc. It prevented us from getting big, because it made them look better than they are, so other fans jumped all over them, but didn't jump to us instead.

It's stupid because sites like soundcloud, myspace music, soundclick and especially reverbnation allow crap like this to happen and turn a blind eye to it. The last thing I want is spam from some bot demanding that I use such services to fake plays for my band. I will NEVER do that. It's pathetic. It's something these sites NEED to crack down on. They won't. They don't care..

So you know what I did. I talked back to the bot saying that I would never use playcount inflation, that it's cheating, and then blocked the fucker. And lo and behold I got spammed AGAIN by the same person who spammed me the previous night when I mentioned our chart position there, saying that they "email blast DJ's regularly". I didn't want anything to do with that idiot so I blocked them too.

It's getting really bad when SPAM BOTS are advertising these ways to CHEAT at sites like this. I will never use them for my band, EVER! I hate such services. I wish the government would shut down these sites, but they won't.

So the next time you advertise your chart rasnking on soundclick on twitter, DO NOT mention while you do this. You will get spammed. I guarantee it.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Soundclick gets their panties in the Bunch for Genre Changes, WTF?!

So I wad uploading a song today for soundclick, because we did so well there last night, when I noticed this...

Look at the text in the red box. It's stupid. They are saying they can review your artist page for having the wrong subgenre? It is stupid because We do songs that mix subgenre's, mixing thrash with progressive, and black metal sometimes. Now I can't upload songs there that don't have a lot of thrash in them because they will throw a fit if it's the "wrong subgenre".

I've heard of artists getting their sites "frozen" due to this. It's stupid. Now keep in mind that those artists placed their songs in the wrong genre, not subgenre. But I still think it's stupid. I hope they don't freeze our account for using the "wrong" Subgenre, because that's stupid.. Apparently people can complain about it being the wrong subgenre.. Which is stupid... results, Holy shit!

So we uploaded some of our music to once we found out it used autoplaying widgets. We didn't realize you could use them there. Once we figured out how, we autoplayed exploding metal there and got 33 plays on it yesterday, making it number 3 on the thrash metal charts! Kickass!

That's cool because the other two sites we tried reccently sucked. I uploaded our music to but only got 5 plays. That sucks, horribly. I also got rid of our page there due to that and got rid of our page on when we realized they deleted  us from the recent artists lists, which is retarded.  So we dumped them and the other site. I also could not put our music on my own radio station there, no matter how hard I tried, which is retarded as well.

We hope we do good on soundclick. We will upload new stuff there everyday and have a song on the charts every day and see how it does. Stay tuned metalheads \m/

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

We're on noisetrade and we are really popular there now...

It seems that the constant uploading of music to various sites has helped a lot. Some of these sites were shitty and we did nothing there. But noisetrade... Sheesh... I was looking at recent downloads for my band and I got this....

The thing is that most of our cd's are here and they say they are top downloads when half of these have not even been downloaded at all, according to my stats there.... I guess their "top downloads" system has some bugs. LOL!

I love bugs like this. Bugs that allow you to get exposure. It's working... Everyone else uses glitches and playcount inflation on sites like reverbnation, so we need to be able to beat the cheaters somehow and it worked! Even though we really didn't even try to do it this time...

Like what I see in that image. Our albums are FILLING the screen! That's awesome!

I am trying yet another mp3 upload site... Hoping it will work...

Our music has done horrible at mp3 upload sites. But I am trying another, but this one will be the last one I try because, frankly, I am sick of trying them with no results, or bad results. I am trying soundclick, only because it has autoplaying widgets. That's it. If it didn't I would never try it.

I hope I can rack up the plays by getting our music played on my blogs using said autoplaying widgets. It is my only chance to get into soundclicks charts... If this doesn't work or the chart rating is too low, I will ditch soundclick...

I really don't like soundclick that much. They have to "approve" your band first before they will allow it to be published on their site. That took 13 hours for me. Which is pathetic.  I only uploaded one song. I didn't want to spend time uploading tons of songs, only to find out the site sucked.. If I can get decent plays tonight, I will keep trying it for the next few weeks. If I can't, it's toast. I have little patience for shitty upload sites...

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Music Upload sites that artists should avoid like the Plague...

It seems mp3 upload sites like and are mostly crap now. I've been uploading my bands (Unleashing Vengeance) music to different ones seeing what will happen in terms of plays, and with most of them I've been horribly dissapointed... Lets start with older sites I tried several times and didn't like:

Signed up our band here during the time it was known as Psychotic Fury. I got NO plays here but  the editor did say he liked my music. But the real problem is he labeled it a dance metal band when it was thrash...

Got no plays here either when I tried it out during our psychotic fury days.. I also found out artists could "self boost" their music by playing their own songs over and over again super fast and get 50 plays by clicking 50 times. I left in disgust when I realized the place was that easy to cheat on.

Got no plays here at all, but a few fans followed me. Weirdly they were rappers..

I hate this site. Seriously. It used to be good years ago. But now it's horrible. Years ago, you used to be able place autoplaying widgets on sites and generate plays that way. Now you can't. Then you could do a lot of things for free like exporting your music to amazon mp3. Now it says stuff like that is free, but it's not. They fool you into promotion oppertunities they say are free but they always lead to a "sign up with a premium plan" bs screen. Also got pathetic amount of plays there the second time around and only ONE PLAY the third time around in 1 day. That's PATHETIC! I got 64 in one day on Soundcloud...

Put up psychotic fury here. Some people liked it. Wanted to try it again but they wouldn't even send the damn account confirmation email this time. Totally fucked up site. Never go here.

So now we get into sites I tried this time. Most of these are crap. A few are decent. Those I will keep my music on because they lead to word of mouth being spreaded a little but...

This place sucks. First it Doesn't accept MP3's. That's dumb. WE have 75+ cd's to get songs from and I had to upload 16 tracks and decompress them all in Audacity first. Even worse, the stats showed that 90% of the plays I was getting were Skips. The fanbase must have been not metal fans because they skipped most of the tracks, which is retarded..

This site is a SCAM! Avoid it like the plague. All the plays you get are done by bots. The fan mail thing is done by bots too. The plays stop happening after the "trial period" is over. And they only allow you to upload 3 songs. That's fucking stupid.  Their payed premium mode is what these scammers want people to pay for. It's a ripoff, people have said they lost 250 dollars and can't get their money back to the scammers. Don't use the site, and DO NOT pay them shit.

This site sucks too. In 2 days I got no plays, I repeat NO Plays...

NEVER go here. This site sucks. I got only 9 plays in one day. That's pathetic. If I can't at least get 30 plays in a day, the site sucks. To add insult to injury, when I cancelled my account, they insulted me with this message "you weren't even logged in chap/dame!"

Ok site. Only got 11 plays on it. Someone complained saying the music had an unusual sound. Stupid site, deleted the account as quickly as I tried the site.

This site sucks too. Got no plays here... The songs were left on the site when I canelled the account. Now their stuck in the search results too... Also It doesn't support mp3's, which is gay.

Got no plays here either. Half of the site is a bunch of foreign people posting blogs but it was labelled a "music" site on the site even though it really isn't.

Signed up my band here. It's didn't do much. No one noticed it. No one commented on it. No one is commenting on any other bands either. The place is totally vacant. But it's ok, it's a brand new site.
No one even commented on a band 1 month old either.... 

Now to the sites I think were decent:

This site was OK. I could upload a bunch of songs. The stats screen broke so I have NO clue what plays I got. But someone played our song exploding metal on his radio station which is awesome! I responded to that with a recommendation to the station on our facebook page.

Like this site. It allows you to upload full albums. So far I've gotten a bunch posted and only got 2 downloads, BUT, due to this I also got mentioned in a metal blog and a band on that site liked my facebook page due to this!

I may have to pull down the bad review of this site, because Holy shit it's gotten good!
Now no one gets plays here for shit, but unleashing vengeance and caustic euphony have been doing GREAT on the charts... It's great to see! They still need to fix their sharing system, and you cannot play a single track in firefox, but those are minor issues.

It's too bad these sites are so bad..

Here's why...

1) Few have good FREE promotion systems...

2) Most of the fanbase on such sites is not compatible enough with extreme metal music.

3) The sites fill the "new music" page you see when you load up the site with artists that get paid promotion, so new artists who don't do this don't get seen. Finding new music is a bitch too because it's sorted by plays, so popular stuff is always on top, not newer stuff, like it should be.

4) The Charts are crappy on several sites. Reverbnation charts are a joke. Their "band equity system" is supposed to make it fair, but the number 1 band for local metal a certain city is some crappy band that uses playcount inflators! They allow people to cheat now. It needs to be blown up (revamped).

(here is proof)

Look at that... The person got 2000+ video plays in one day... That's really suspicious. They only got one music play.... That's because of sites like these:

5) Many sites simply don't have user friendly upload features, profile updating features, etc. Jamendo's music upload system was TERRIBLE! It forced you to upload tracks first, then fill a bunch of useless nonsense like tags and images with another button, and then it would tell you you need to fill it in AFTER the track uploaded. Why not make people fill that stuff out first?

6) Many sites simply don't spread word of mouth out. My band was number 1 in boston for 4 days in Sep 2014 on Reverbnation, and NO fans, NO Plays that weren't mine... etc.. I didn't finally get some word of mouth till I signed up UV at an internet radio station.. Noisetrade and soundcloud may be the only exceptions..

It seems MP3 Upload sites STILL suck for extreme metal music. Which is pathetic! Reverbnation is a complete joke, so is bandcamp. It's disgusting really. I wish someone would bring the original reverbnation back... The one we were on in 2009. Because that site was good. But it has failed horribly since then..

Someone needs to make a fair upload site that can accommidate serious metal musicians and not nu metal bands. This site has to be designed without ANY premium crap, NO payed premotion or Payed Recommended artists. They need to really work on making sure the charts are fair and balanced. I don't want to see someone using a glitch or third party software/websites to fake 1000 plays per song and get to number 1. It has to be done in a way that the best music is number 1. They need to develop an algorithm that recognizes talented music with good melodies and technicity and uses that  to determine chart ranking. NO bs, NO payed bullshit, NO cheating!  The site has to have a good way to generate word of mouth for an upcoming artist. None of the sites minus noisetrade and soundcloud do this now...

I like the way is coming out. I'm gonna retract my bad review because they fixed the site and I love how we are doing now.. I just think they should fix their sharing system so it shares in http://, fix the not playing in firefox, and add a stats system to the bands pages so people can see total plays per band, plays per song, etc..

I think these sites should be avoided. If you write metal music, avoid the sites I went to. They suck!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

About Our Lyrics...

On our Band's soundcloud account we have lots of our songs posted. Many of these are instant classics. I thought I would do a post explaining the lyrical meaning of these songs. So lets go into it to our newest material....

Thrash Machine:
This song is about thrash killing people, literally.

Rise from the Abyss:
A song about how I will never conform

Get Probed:
A Hillarious Song about Alien Anal Probes

Legally Allowed Extortion:
A song about a law that would tax every person 1% of all their property every time they tried to store, use, display, or otherwise consume violent games in Missouri. If this law passed (It didn't) it would have killed the gaming industry because no one would buy games due to the insane tax on usage of violent games. My music has always been pro-gaming industry. Because I am a gamer.

Oscar the Toddler Eating Otter:
A song from our exploding Death EP, about a zombified otters that attacks mcdonalds and eats toddlers there.

Santa's Dead:
Duh! Santa's Dead. A song about me killing Santa. A big anti-christmas song.

A song about the metal way of life

A song about how wikipedia deleted an entry I made for unleashing vengeance there and how it pissed me off.

End of an Era:
A song dedicated to the fact that I would not be able to make music for UV for much longer.

Ripped and Shredded:
A song about metal killing pop and ripping you to shreds

Networking Greed:
A song about a camera hunt I was going through last year. Prices kept on changing on amazon and it pissed me off.... I wanted to get it but the prices for used models kept on being suddenly increased for no reason.

The Vile and The Wretched:
A song about video game levels I have made for the game Doom, that are insanely brutally difficult.

Rabid Meat:
A song about zombies during the zombie apocalypse, and how they prefer victims to be rabid first.

Unadulterated Brutality:
A song about metal killing pop..

Forces of Metal:
A song about how music is forced down our throats at restaurants and how I hate that..

The Nameless Horror:
A song about a particularly scary ghost story I read from england a few years ago that involves a haunted hotel room in london...

Midi Metal Massacre:
A song about violent video game music that happens to be in Midi Format, and how it accompanies virtual violence 

Hijacking Freedom:
A song attacking the Trans Pacific Partnership, a Treaty that would force every country who signed it to adopt brutally draconian anti-piracy laws that would punish people for merely looking at content online that is accused of being copyright infringing by Copyright holders, who are already abusing their status by claiming things are infringing on youtube (when they are not) to make money.

The Loudness War:
A song explaining how the "Loudness War" is total BS. There is not an intentional attempt to make records overly loud. It's all caused by inferior mixing practices in the past. Louder =/= bad

Lords of Slaughter:
Another song about the metal way of life

Exploding Metal:
A song about metal killing pop....

Cthulhu Rising:
A song about Cthulhu

Bleed for the Fury:
A song about the tons of mixing PC failures Unleashing Vengeance has had to deal with, including hard drive failures, virus attacks, hacking, etc...

A War Against Freedom:
A song attacking the obscenity statue for attacking things that people find offensive. It's retarded.
Offensive =/= Bad. Innapropriate for kids =/= bad. 

Vengeance Unleashed:
A song about a person obsessed with vengeance

Predatorial Instincts:
A song about the movie Predator, taken from the predator's perspective

The Exploding Fundie Song:
A song about the zombies in the zombie apocalypse concept album devouring the westboro
baptist church.

Zombie Apocalypse Arrives:
A song about how the zombies devoured all the nu-metal fans and only metalheads are left!

Absolute Disharmony:
A song about idiots who like to say crap about other people and bash the music they write for being offensive because they are easily offended dickwads...