Friday, March 18, 2016

Stupid Rap Promoter Harasses Unleashing Vengeance's Twitter Page

Lo and behold the idiocy doesn't end. Finding this pissed me off. I was looking through people mentioning Unleashing Vengeance's Twitter Account and I came across this tweet:

This idiot is harassing me about using promo services. He is the Latest in a line of braindead rap promoters trying to get Unleashing Vengeance (A FUCKING METAL BAND!) to use his service. And to make things worse, these "services" all turn out to be BS services with lots problems. This crap happened with the stupid Indienation BS earlier and this guy is more stupid than them!

Number 1, He cannot tell the difference between Rap and Metal. One is popular but Crappy (Rap). The other is underground and far superior (Metal).   Does rap use regular time changes. NO It's cnt because by default it rips music from other sources or uses no Music Whatsoever. Does rap have melody, yes but it's crappy melody ripped from other songs. Does Rap include multiple vocal style,s NO because it's stupid people talking over ripped music, using endless Racist, Violent BS as lyrics.
Does metal do that. FUCK NO

Number 2, fans of Rap HATE Metal and most Fans of Metal hate Rap. They can't  get along whatsoever. Look at the below shot of his twitter page. He is a RAP promoter, it's painfully obvious. It stands to reason that there is no way a RAP promoter could EVER Benefit a METAL BAND. It's stupid.

Number 3, We've been burned by BS like this from (C)Rap Sites before. Remember Well if you don't I will surmise their BS. They kept spamming us over and over again and their site broke on us and demanded money just to publish a blog post. It was insanely stupid. STUPID RAP PROMOTERS! WE AREN'T FUCKING RAP! WE ARE FUCKING METAL! STOP BOTHERING US!

Number 4, this guy is an idiot spammer. Look at the below screenshots. The prove he has multiple accounts to do his stupid spam with.

Any artists out there who run into the following account, who aren't rap, REPORT HIM for spam. He is another useless spammer. I will report him for spam soon... Unleashing vengeance should not be pestered by shitty music promo groups who think we are rap when we aren't!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

New Unleashing Vengeance Greatist Hits Compilation "Sonic Evisceration" Coming soon.

In a recent post here, I mentioned how I would be remaking 5 songs before XMAS. Well that plan slightly changed. I will still be doing remakes. But instead of 5 songs, I have decided to do 6 now. I changed the songs to remake as well.  They will be part of a 2 cd greatist hits compilation I will be making in December 2015 called "Sonic Evisceration"

Sonic evisceration is a 2 cd compilation of the best songs unleashing vengeance has ever done from 2009-2014. Choosing songs to put on the best of was a challenge. Some songs had to be cut out due to total length issues, and other issues as well. I had to make sure the best albums for unleashing vengeance had at least 1 song on the compilation per each. That was not easy. Unleashing vengeance has done a LOT of good cd's from 2009-2014.  Picking the right ones to stick on a compilation was a huge long process. I decided at the end to make sure the best 3 songs from certain time periods were on the compilation. Chosing these best 3 was a challenge. But I think I got it right... Currently Cd 1 is finished. CD 2 will be worked on next week hopefully, if not the week after.

On CD 2, the remade songs will lead of the cd. Their production is good but not great. Better than anything I did this year, production wise, at least. I have half of the 6 done now. By next week the other 3 will be done, hopefully. I am not sure if I will have a chance to do them next sunday, But I will try.  The tracklist of the compilation is below:

CD 1:

1: Exploding Metal (2012)
2: Hijacking Freedom (2012)
3: Lords of Slaughter (2012)
4: Living in Fear (2011)
5: Metallions Rise! (2011)
6: Resurrecting Chaos (2011)
7: Fracking Metal (2014)
8: Ripped and Shredded (2014)
9: Wikipedia (2014)
10: Shark Attack (2009)
11: Disposable Humanity (2009)
12: Networking Greed (2013)
13: Unadulterated Brutality (2013)
14: At the mountains of Madness (2013)

CD 2:

1: The Final Insult 2015*
2: Absolute Disharmony 2015*
3: Corporate Sleezebag 2015*
4: Extreme 2015*
5: Lawsuit Lividity 2015*
6: HellRoar 2015*
7: Rise from the Abyss (2015)
8: Obscene Decay 2015 (2015)
9: No Way Out (2015)
10: A War Against Freedom (2010)
11: Roar! (2010)
12: The Vicious Slumber (2011)
13: What Lies Within 2015 (2011)
14: The Pathetic Excursion (2011)

* - Re-Recorded in 2015

As Usual, the tracklist is not final and may change at the last moment...

Stay tuned Metalheads \m/

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Unleashing Vengeance to Remake UV Classics for XMAS!

Unleashing Vengeance is on a mission to do something in terms of a new album to be released on XMAS 2015. The new Album which has not been given a title yet, consists of the best 5 unleashing vengeance songs re-recorded on a new PC with a new soundcard. The new setup has been thoroughly tested and should work fine.

Due to a rootkit hitting my PC, I could not record new music and the PC was fucked up with apparent Hard Drive Failure Symptoms that later on turned out to be this rootkit fucking up my PC instead. During the rootkit's installation, actions such as stopping playing music happened a lot. It turns out the rootkit took total control of my PC. I still do not know who put the rootkit on my PC but I will find out (more on that on a second post)

The new setup is being recorded on a freshly rebooted windows 7 machine with no infections and a strong firewall to protect against future re-infection.  I will take no chances with this machine for a 2 month period. It's important that the album comes out.

Lucky, due to backups, the rootkit did not screw up all I had set up. My external HDD still worked and I was able to re-create the mixing environment for the band quite easily after the new HDD was put in.  The 5 songs I will choose to re-record for unleashing vengeance are all from the early period of the band (2009-2013). None are from the 2014 or 2015 years where it started to decline heavily.
I have chosen to remake the following 5 songs before XMAS:

1: The Final Insult (2013)
2: Absolute Disharmony (2011)
3: Corporate Sleezebag (2013)
4: Bleed for the Fury (2013)
5: Tigers eating toddlers (2009)

More updates will come for the new cd when they come. Stay tuned metalheads \m/

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Took Our music off soundclick due to shitty ratings it was getting

So I check my soundclick site for Unleashing Vengeance, Only to find it filled with shitty ratings on good songs we wrote. Even classics like 10 Times the pain and Exploding Metal got shitty ratings like 1 star and 2 star ratings. It was stupid. I had my music up there and I was getting no plays.

No fucking way in hell. I deleted all our songs from the site and changed it's name to "You people suck" and complained that they allowed shitty ratings like this from obvious trolls (who probably were the same idiots from twitch who lead to shitty stupid youtube dislikes on unleashing vengeance songs earlier this year - you know who you are fucktards, or the fucking troll who labelled Unleashing Vengeance (A THRASH BAND) as "shitcore" even though it isn't that.. Shitcore is just a label for music that someone doesn't like it's really stupid. I've seen Ensiferum and Children of Bodom labelled shitcore which is totally fucking retarded.). The site doesn't give you a good stats system so I can't figure out anything about the shitholes, so I abandoned it, in a pissed off mood.

And to make it worse, the site has NO way to cancel an account. This is complete bullshit. You have to email them to cancel an account, which is stupid. There is also TONS of bugs with the song deletion "feature" including error messages and shit like that. You call that a fucking music site?
It gets worse and worse...

Lets just say that the review I will do for this site will be a pissed off one..

If a site allows shitty ratings for a band then the site sucks. I know for a fact those two songs did not suck. The people who rated them must be stupid idiots from the site I mentioned above (twitch/4chan trolls), who googled unleashing vengeance and gave bad ratings just to piss me off. They can fuck off. I don't care what they think...

Lets just say that after this BS, I cannot recommend soundclick anymore. They have no real metal scene and what they have is a bunch of fucking turds.  They are filled with (c)rap artists and don't know what real music is.  I would NOT recommend metal artists sign up there, WHATSOEVER.

BTW : Fuck off Twitch and 4Chan you suck too!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Check out our noisetrade site. Free downloads of any album we've done are here...

If you like our music, you can download any of our albums at the below site. It's a good site to download them because 1) other sites that allow you to download free albums have limits to them this one doesn't, and 2) they really help to promote your music.  The site has been going for a few weeks and has gotten a few downloads, but more will happen later, I hope.

The albums I really recommend downloading are Exploding Metal, Unadulterated Brutality, Bonecrusher, From the Edge of Chaos, the final insult and both of our greatist hits cd's. The first in particular has a lot of ooooold songs we did that sound different... I think those 2 are important to new listeners because you get to hear the entire sound progression of our band from the blackened thrash metal start to the period where we just did thrash, to the period where we mixed in prog into it, and then to the current period where we mix prog, thrash and melodeth.

Download albums here:

if we get a lot more downloads we will update the site. If not we won't....

Unleashing Vengeance Tshirts for sale at cafepress now!

I decided to do something I wanted to do for a long time, Make custom Tshirts for Unleashing Vengeance. I tried this a long time ago when we were known as psychotic fury. I didn't like the results so I ditched it. But I decided to come back and create one shirt for now to see how it does. Currently the shirts cost 24 dollars to 27 dollars, depending on size. They come in all sizes. I've done only one shirt and I think it came out pretty good. But if the demand is there I will do more..

Go here to buy the shirt:

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

We're on noisetrade and we are really popular there now...

It seems that the constant uploading of music to various sites has helped a lot. Some of these sites were shitty and we did nothing there. But noisetrade... Sheesh... I was looking at recent downloads for my band and I got this....

The thing is that most of our cd's are here and they say they are top downloads when half of these have not even been downloaded at all, according to my stats there.... I guess their "top downloads" system has some bugs. LOL!

I love bugs like this. Bugs that allow you to get exposure. It's working... Everyone else uses glitches and playcount inflation on sites like reverbnation, so we need to be able to beat the cheaters somehow and it worked! Even though we really didn't even try to do it this time...

Like what I see in that image. Our albums are FILLING the screen! That's awesome!