Tuesday, January 6, 2015

About Our Lyrics...

On our Band's soundcloud account we have lots of our songs posted. Many of these are instant classics. I thought I would do a post explaining the lyrical meaning of these songs. So lets go into it to our newest material....

Thrash Machine:
This song is about thrash killing people, literally.

Rise from the Abyss:
A song about how I will never conform

Get Probed:
A Hillarious Song about Alien Anal Probes

Legally Allowed Extortion:
A song about a law that would tax every person 1% of all their property every time they tried to store, use, display, or otherwise consume violent games in Missouri. If this law passed (It didn't) it would have killed the gaming industry because no one would buy games due to the insane tax on usage of violent games. My music has always been pro-gaming industry. Because I am a gamer.

Oscar the Toddler Eating Otter:
A song from our exploding Death EP, about a zombified otters that attacks mcdonalds and eats toddlers there.

Santa's Dead:
Duh! Santa's Dead. A song about me killing Santa. A big anti-christmas song.

A song about the metal way of life

A song about how wikipedia deleted an entry I made for unleashing vengeance there and how it pissed me off.

End of an Era:
A song dedicated to the fact that I would not be able to make music for UV for much longer.

Ripped and Shredded:
A song about metal killing pop and ripping you to shreds

Networking Greed:
A song about a camera hunt I was going through last year. Prices kept on changing on amazon and it pissed me off.... I wanted to get it but the prices for used models kept on being suddenly increased for no reason.

The Vile and The Wretched:
A song about video game levels I have made for the game Doom, that are insanely brutally difficult.

Rabid Meat:
A song about zombies during the zombie apocalypse, and how they prefer victims to be rabid first.

Unadulterated Brutality:
A song about metal killing pop..

Forces of Metal:
A song about how music is forced down our throats at restaurants and how I hate that..

The Nameless Horror:
A song about a particularly scary ghost story I read from england a few years ago that involves a haunted hotel room in london...

Midi Metal Massacre:
A song about violent video game music that happens to be in Midi Format, and how it accompanies virtual violence 

Hijacking Freedom:
A song attacking the Trans Pacific Partnership, a Treaty that would force every country who signed it to adopt brutally draconian anti-piracy laws that would punish people for merely looking at content online that is accused of being copyright infringing by Copyright holders, who are already abusing their status by claiming things are infringing on youtube (when they are not) to make money.

The Loudness War:
A song explaining how the "Loudness War" is total BS. There is not an intentional attempt to make records overly loud. It's all caused by inferior mixing practices in the past. Louder =/= bad

Lords of Slaughter:
Another song about the metal way of life

Exploding Metal:
A song about metal killing pop....

Cthulhu Rising:
A song about Cthulhu

Bleed for the Fury:
A song about the tons of mixing PC failures Unleashing Vengeance has had to deal with, including hard drive failures, virus attacks, hacking, etc...

A War Against Freedom:
A song attacking the obscenity statue for attacking things that people find offensive. It's retarded.
Offensive =/= Bad. Innapropriate for kids =/= bad. 

Vengeance Unleashed:
A song about a person obsessed with vengeance

Predatorial Instincts:
A song about the movie Predator, taken from the predator's perspective

The Exploding Fundie Song:
A song about the zombies in the zombie apocalypse concept album devouring the westboro
baptist church.

Zombie Apocalypse Arrives:
A song about how the zombies devoured all the nu-metal fans and only metalheads are left!

Absolute Disharmony:
A song about idiots who like to say crap about other people and bash the music they write for being offensive because they are easily offended dickwads...

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Unleashing Vengeance Compilation "We've come for your entrails" Released!

I decided that, since unleashing vengeance technically broke up last year in october, I wanted to give it a greatist hits compilation that is available through a free download online. So I chose 30 unleashing vengeance songs to be on the best of, songs from 2008 to 2014, picked 30 good ones, and made a big extractable archive, and uploaded it to my file server on 4shared.com

Download the archive here and run the .exe after the download. Extract it to your C:\ drive on your PC. It will create a new folder on your pc called "We've come for your entrails" and two folders in that folder called CD1 and CD2. In each of these folders is 15 songs all in mp3 format. Use winamp to play them. Just import the mp3's in the folders by hitting the new playlist button, clicking "add" and then "add file" and selecting all the mp3's in one folder. Do the same for the other to add them.

CD1 covers stuff from 2008 to 2011.  Some of this stuff has bad production issues, so beware. A lot of this older stuff is really straightforward and thrashy, with not a lot of progressive stuff thrown in. It's worth listening to, though to see what our stuff sounded like back then

CD2 covers stuff from 2012 to 2014. This stuff is much better produced then the stuff from CD1 and is much louder. It's also a lot more melodic and less thrashy and more progressive, in nature.

Enjoy it metalheads \m/

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Todays update for Unleashing Vengeance....

Here's today's update for unleashing vengeance. In it I talk about writing music for the New Caustic Euphony cd, and what's new on soundcloud.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Official review of Soundcloud.com (the best mp3 upload site so far for me)

After trying dozens of dozens of alternatives to reverbnation (which Unleashing Vengeance was sucking on), and getting no plays, I decided to try soundcloud. Turns out it was the best choice I would ever make for the band, in terms of exposure, ever, period. And It would not really pay off till much later. First, lets get into the good things about soundcloud first.

The number 1 advantage to soundcloud is that there are tons of people there as listeners who will give you feedback on the quality of your bands music. At no other site has this even happened, to us. No other site offers this. Other sites, including reverbnation, have only artists as fans and they never gave me any feedback at all, in comments, or anything else. The comments are almost never obnoxious, a huge problem with sites like twitter and youtube comments. That is a huge relief. After uploading some unleashing vengeance and caustic euphony songs at soundcloud, I expected mostly negative comments. I didn't get that at all. I got tons of positive comments and only 1 negative one so far, and that one is plain stupid.

Another huge advantage is the fact that there are no charts. This gives no artists any reason to cheat to get to number 1. Many other artists get tons of plays at other sites, and they still do here, but it won't do shit here, because your band can't be ranked higher then other artists by doing this, thus promoting your self in the process.  There is less incentive to cheat here because chart rating on other sites is a huge indicator of how good your band is doing. There is no such thing here so everyone is mostly, on fair ground here.

Another great feature of soundcloud, is how easy it is to use. Few other mp3 upload sites are as easy to use. It's pathetically easy to upload a song. Deleting is a one click process. No extra nonsense involved. It takes 5 steps to delete a song on reverbnation, it is much easier here. There are premium accounts here, but there is little advantage to getting one because the only difference is improved stats and maybe some promotion features. Other sites give you a lot of things that cannot be done with free accounts, soundcloud does not. But that leads to one of the biggest problems with soundcloud besides the number 1 problem : there is limited space there to upload music.

On soundcloud, there is an 180 minute limit to free accounts.  For most artists/bands this should suffice. But I found it difficult, because my bands have written so many songs that I had to delete songs regularly  to get more on the site. It is is major inconvenience on soundcloud. I can only upload around 10% Of our bands stuff due to this.

Another huge problem with soundcloud is that you have to memorize your password there, because 3 failed attempts to log in gives you a captcha, a prompt to enter in a number, which till recently was hard to read on purpose, even if you get the password right on the third attempt. The captchas, until recently, were so annoying because you couldn't even tell what was printed on the captchas at all, it was literally obscured so horribly that finding one that you could read clearly was close to impossible. I had to guess most of the time. The captchas are unnecessary and stupid, and are a big pain in the ass here. I have 3 passwords I use for my web accounts (email, blog hosting, youtube, soundcloud, etc) and I often forget which one is for which account. I often also forget usernames. I have too many to memorise. Soundcloud is a bitch in the way it gives you captchas. Captchas are incredibly annoying and punish the user for typing in the wrong password. It's pathetic. In no other site does captchas get used for failed logins like this and they need to get rid of this because it's a pain in the ass, plainly put.

Another huge flaw is the fact that your song you recently uploaded doesn't stay at the top of the stream for long. Songs are uploaded so often that it's likely your bands will not be on the same page the next minute. And that means that competing with people who get 1000's of plays here is impossible because yours isn't even visible for other fans to see unless they get lucky and catch it when it's uploaded. This is especially egregious when you deal with people who share your music and others on their pages. One minute yours visible at the top of the page, by the next is so far down the page, no one will see it! This needs to be fixed, the maximum posts per day must be limited severely to make it fair. I say no more than 5 posts per day by a user, is a necessary limit.

Another problem is the lack of plays from the fanbase. The fan base might give you good comments but isn't interested in listening to your songs more then a certain amount. They are not loyal enough. You get fans who refuse to listen to new songs when they are posted. This is a problem. Other artists don't have this problem, but many are cheating.

But the biggest flaw with soundcloud, has to be the fact that playcount inflation is happening there, and soundcloud refuses to do anything about it. It's a necessary evil we soundcloud artists have to live with. We know other bands will get thousands of plays per day, and nothing will be done about it. Many of these bands use services like "cloud inflator" or similar to give them thousands of fake plays. On myspace music this was happening too. They didn't do anything about it. And soundcloud refuses to punish users who use these. Every day I see artists with 1,000, 5,000, 30,000 plays, etc, and only 5-10 likes. How is that even possible? You would think that a big artist who got tons of plays like this fairly, would get way more likes then 5-10. But it doesn't happen. I've seen big metal magazines do this, I've seen pop artists do this, and in amazingly short times. It's a dead giveaway these people are cheating using such before-mentioned services. Soundcloud refuses to punish them. One day I had uploaded a new song "zombie apocalypse arrives". The same day, a metal magazine had posted tons of tracks, and within one day, their tracks got way more plays then mine. I had 235 plays and was lucky to get them through widgets on my blogs. But these artists immediately pushed my song to the next page, and made it so no one could even find it. And then they started racking up the plays. The magazine posted 14 songs at once. All at once. And by the next day they all had 500+ plays.  Mine was far left behind.

It's unfair when other artists can push your songs down so far. But what was more suspicious is that these "artists" wrote PATHETICALLY SHITTY music. None of their riffs were good. It was horrible, downtuned noise. There was no melody at all, period. No muting, just crappy nu-metal. It's disgusting. My song had awesome melodies and this shit pushed it down. It was HORRIBLE music. To me the plays were fake. There is no way, that they got that many plays that quickly with how bad the music was.  Yet soundcloud allows this magazine to publish crap there. And others are doing this too. They will post dozens of songs at once to get an unfair advantage over other artists, pushing their songs down on the list so no one will see them at all.

This brings down the score for soundcloud a ton. It was at 8/10 before this nonsense was happening. it all started to happen recently, within the last year. Before that it was 8/10 material, now it's way lower. It doesn't even deserve a 6/10 now. But since it's the only site I've gotten more plays then 1-2 per day at the most, it deserves a 7 out of 10 for not completely failing my bands. If it had done worse and I got no more plays, I would have lowered the score drastically to 4 out of 10. All the other sites I tested gave me No more plays once I had refused to upload a music on one particular day. I'd get 1 or 2 plays, none on some songs and it would stay there forever. On soundcloud, I am still getting plays for old songs and it's the only site that this is happening on. Due to the fact that I still get some plays I can't judge it too harshly.

I give it a 7/10

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Official Trashing of Indienationapp.com (the worst mp3 hosting site ever)

I was promoting unleashing vengeance through it's twitter account when I started noticing spam coming from an mp3 upload site, indienationapp.com appearing in my notifications. It started with "get your music on our app", then progressed to "your track is hot! #indienation #init2gether" and similar. Every single spam message delivered that had those two hashtags, had a randomly generated name, proof it was a spam bot doing it. Somehow a spam bot for this pathetic site made it to my twitter account. So I tried the site. I thought going in, that NO site, even had a CHANCE to dethrone tweetmysong.com for "worst mp3 site ever". I was wrong.

The site is extremely pathetic for a site, even using the laxest of standards.  Right on it's logo you can see that it's a (c)rap only site, and it makes this pathetically obvious with it's artwork. It's designed for wannabee fake musicians called (c)rappers to spew their fake music. At the time I didn't see proof of this so I "tried it out". I could upload songs but they never even gave me the option to mention what my artist/band was about. There was no option for that. And even more pathetically, the free accounts are worthless, you can't even post a blog post with them! So I uploaded a song, and tried to share youtube videos of our music with a blog post. Their blogging system is wordpress based, and I thought it would work fine. The only issue is that the normal wordpress "publish" button was replaced by a "submit for review" button. It said "pending". I thought it might take a day for the post to show up. So I left it overnight. The next day it was still "pending". The day after that, same thing. The pathetic site would not even approve my post! Apparently my brand of real music (tm) was to "crappy" for these rap fans who all think metal=noise. It's pathetic that these people can make a site that refuses to allow artists of other genres to even publish a blog post!

 Even more pathetic, the site, when I tried to log in, I couldn't even get to it's user interface, due to an "error". What the fuck is this shit they are calling a site! It's a pathetic excuse for a music site, you can't use it's interface due to an "error!" What kind of crap is that! Apparently my brand of extreme metal was too "noisy" for the rappers who run this site.  I couldn't even upload another song, period. I don't even get the privilege to find out how my music is doing because the site broke on me.

And the BS continues. Indienationapp then started to Spam my account on twitter with fake bots and other people from their site. All used the hash tags "#indienation" and "#init2gether".  They dared to send another message to my twitter account. And then they started spamming my email too! Pathetic excuses for a site will not leave me alone. They failed me, they suck! Their site is so pathetic that it should really be shut down and them arrested too, because they are DEFRAUDING Honest REAL musicians who use the site. It wouldn't even work. They dare to SPAM me with emails AND messages on twitter and then they give me a site that breaks? They keep on spamming me and send my emails saying that I should check out their site or that "the file has been uploaded" or I should check out this or that feature of the site. ENOUGH! Your site sucks.  If you send me more spam I will report it as such and you will be put in jail  for it.

Their site is disgusting. It breaks on people, it caters to (C)rap music. It won't even let you post a blog post without paying them. It is frankly, pathetic. I couldn't even get to a stats screen. These are beyond unacceptable for a site. The people who run it should be given jail time. Don't even think of going there. If they spam your twitter or email, report them! Block them! It's a spam campaign and it breaks twitters rules. It's pathetic. Avoid it at all costs! And if you see any posters from it who aren't spam bots, report them for spamming you. They are shit holes.

I give it a -50/10


Newest Update for Unleashing Vengeance (10/1/2014)

This is the latest update for the band. It talks about our twitter account being hacked and maybe who did it, among other things. Enjoy...

Monday, September 29, 2014

Updates to the bands on my soundcloud account, check them out

Hello people. I have created a soundcloud channel for updates for my 2 metal bands, Caustic Euphony and Unleashing Vengeance. I have posted updates, going into the history of the 2 bands here. Check them out... It goes into detail into the bands, talking about unique things each band has gone through, problems for the bands, setbacks , etc....