Monday, April 7, 2014

More info on the 2009 hacking attack, and why it bothers me....

So in 2009, Unleashing vengeance was being called Psychotic Fury, and it was playing Aggressive punk inspired thrash. Not progressive thrash. In late 2009 that would change, the punk influence was swapped with a Prog Metal Influence and it was turned into Aggressive yet progressive thrash. Right around that time, a nasty virus hit my mixing PC and nuked it.

This virus would screw up my mixing platform for 6 months to 1 year. Before the virus, my music was produced perfectly, guitar was a bit off, that's the only flaw. I was using Cubase VST to mix the stuff. I got this 700+ dollar mixing software free with an older PC. It was set only to work with the sound hardware of that PC. So It wouldn't work now. After the virus accident I lost the Disk for Cubase. I had to downgrade to a free program called Audacity. Audacity lacked the whole mixing environment thing. With Cubase, I could save an environment of effects to use, load that when I wanted to mix a song, and it would make each song super consistent, mixing and mastering wise. With audacity I had to apply each effect manually. It took me 6 months to get into a habit of writing down which effects to use, and all their settings. I improvised for a long time, because of this virus. It made my vocal production flat out suck in early 2010 and would not improve till really late that year.

The virus nuking my PC also made it so I lost my saved Cortex Amplifier Simulator Settings so I would have to go with an old backup which sounded wrong. I tried to make it sound better but it made it sound way worse in early 2010, and my music became very artificial sounding. At this point it dropped from 35 in the Boston Area to 200 or so in less than one week, on reverbnation.

The virus thing RUINED my good mix, totally, and the band's quality, drastically.  I investigated for years where it came from.  Doing some investigation with a firewall that I installed to make the PC more secure after I got it back from a reformatting 2 weeks after the Virus nuked the PC, found evidence of a hacker on the PC, even then. My mixing software, installed in a program with my music tracks, and effect plugins, was connecting to a Malware delivery site. This could not be a mere virus. Only on my pc does that folder with that name, contain those specific effect plugins and that mixing software. The program was clean according to virustotal. But it must be infected because it was modified to connect to a malware delivery site, and since Virustotal said it was clean, some other virus in that folder infected it. To infect it it needs to know the path to it, the name of it, and so on. Only on my PC does it exist in that folder with those files. To infect someone would need to know my folder structure. Apparently they did, so there was a hacker, probably.

Another incident in late November/Early December 2009 reinforced this idea in my head. Comodo internet security (my firewall) caught Internet explorer trying to connect to a foreign IP Address from china. I blocked it, then traced the IP with some online tools. It was the following IP : Doing Google searches on the IP the other day, proved this was an IP used by a botnet! (A network of Hacked PC's). So my PC WAS hacked!

The music folder in question was zipped up and scanned on virus total back in NOV 2009 too. It found 3 things : A Nasty Virus named XPAJ, A Script Virus with a weird name I forget now, And A Trojan named Daonol. The IP address above is from China. XPAJ is a Chinese Virus. Coincedence?
Daonol, I learned is a keylogging trojan. Whoever placed it on my PC wanted passwords, and Credit Card Info, probably, I thought... But then it hit me.... There was none of the later on my PC at all. (I own no credit cards, I use Amazon Giftcards for online purchases).  So why was there a keylogger on my PC then?

Was it?:
A) It came from a virus that installed it. XPAJ can do that.
B)  It was installed to keep track of my lyrical content by a hacker that hacked my music folder to destroy my music.

Someone was PISSED about my music, I could tell. The music folder was infected by malware put there by a hacker. Why would a hacker or Virus even target this folder? There is NO credit card info in that folder at all, or anywhere else on my PC, now or then!  It seems more likely to me, that B) is the reason why the keylogger was placed.

So who would be pissed off about my music to hack it in 2009 or before? I don't know. I have a few people who have complained about it, but honestly I don't know if they could do this or not.  I have a plan in mind to find out, more on that later. Could one of them have hired the hacker? I don't know. But Another hacker came back, this time to nuke my PC almost as bad, in 2012.

Late in 2011,  our music got a lot better than it was in 2008, 2009 or 2010. Production wise, it was amazing. It had great music, awesome complex progressive tinges and a big nasty thrash backbone to anchor it to thrash, so people couldn't say it was prog or power metal. In early 2012 another Really BAD virus nuked my PC. This one made it impossible for me to do ANYTHING with it. It turns out there was a hacker on the PC, Again!

I used a command late one night, while trying to get rid of the malware using a virus scan. This command allowed me to detect internet connections connected to the PC while my browser was not running. It found the Following IP connected to my PC :

This pissed me off. There was no way I was going to be able to write music again. So I reformatted the PC and had to get it fixed at a PC repair place nearby. I got it back and continued to write music. But this second hacking attack brings up the question: Why would anyone want to hack my PC? There is NO Credit card info on it. This one damaged my PC so bad music was not even listenable on it. It nuked it. Both Hacking attacks piss me off, till this day. Someone went out of their way to destroy my music making ability, and I am pissed....

I don't know what else to say or do. The fact that I proved the 2009 event was a hacker, is HUGE. For years I thought "This might not be a hacker, it could just be a virus". Not anymore.  Whoever did this must have had a motive, and it probably wasn't gathering credit card info. Not if the Music folder was hacked too. Someone was pissed off about my music and wanted it gone. And it pisses me off..

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Big Break coming up for Unleashing Vengeance.

Well, Metalheads, since our new cd is out, I've decided to take a break from writing music, with the exception of cover songs I don't plan on releasing online. I just want to take some time and do some other things. First of all, I wanted to remaster some more of my older bands music, that band being Caustic Euphony. I got the cd's "Chaotic Euphony Subhumaniacal", "Dismal", "Disincarnate" and "Cruel end to the dream that is euphoria" remastered.  These are quality, but not great CD's. Time to improve them. I am also uploading music to my youtube channel all day for the next few days.

I plan to get Unleashing vengeance material recorded and written starting mid April to be released around May 1 or 2. The new cd has no title yet, and I don't plan to write it till at least April 10. That gives me 5 days to write the music. Then I will get the other two band members ready to record the album around april 15 or later. Looking forward to this.

This cd may not be done. I'm not sure If I want to do another, so I might not do it. Even if I do do it, I plan to do something else cool. I have 2 twitter accounts. One for the Band, one for me. One mine I've decided to do a special Metal Show playing 10 or so songs through twitter links to youtube videos I put on my channel for all of the songs I post. This will help me get my music out there to a greater audience if I do it regularly. I'm looking forward to it. It will only be my music. Other bands stuff is copyrighted and posting it on twitter is a big risk. No thanks for that. Plus no one has heard most of these songs of mine and playing them would be cool. I have a name in mind : "Mr Metal's Metal Utopia". Sounds awesome! \m/

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Fools!

Think I would quit writing music that quickly? Guess again! You've been pranked Metalheads!!!!
I'll be back to write more kickass Metal, don't worry. This is NOT the end of Unleashing vengeance and Caustic Euphony.. There will be at least one more release for each artist....

UN(RIP) -  Caustic Euphony and Unleashing Vengeance!!!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Sorry Fans of this blog, But Religious Zealots are suing me for the contents...

It seems all the hard work at this blog has come to an end....

Some wackjob group from Utah is threatening to sue me for the contents if I don't take it down. They claim I am spreading a satanic child molestation message (which I am NOT), and they will sue me if I don't take it down by Tommorrow night at midnight.. I have no choice but to take it down. I can't afford the money they are demanding..

I also have to take down both of my bands pages on AND soundcloud and youtube by that time too. The music will be gone off the internet. I apoligize in advance. But I must have struck a nerve with one of my songs or posts, or something..

Farewell Fans......

Unleashing Vengeance - RIP - 2002-2014
Caustic Euphony - RIP - 2006-2014

It's over..


Soundcloud artist Cheating for plays now... And we're failing on there due to it.

Well, it looks like Soundcloud is becoming the next Myspace. And by becoming myspace, I mean the place where shit fake artists like crappy garage bands go to get tons of fake plays, using payed services like these. A few years ago during the period my Extreme Metal band (Unleashing Vengeance) was on Myspace under it's old name Psychotic fury, these were everywhere and it made it IMPOSSIBLE for us to compete with all these garage bands with 1,000,000 plays for crappy pop music. When we were writing quality music, we were being ignored because all the potential fans jumped to the pop bands because they thought more plays = better music, and ignored our music completely because it had low plays.  and this pisses me off to no end.

Myspace had several services designed to be used to inflate play counts (for a price of course), the biggest being TuneBoom. Myspace tried to say they were doing something, claimed that using these services would get you kicked off myspace, but they conveniently failed to enforce that new rule and tons of artists like crappy pop bands got 1,000,000's of plays a day, shitty artists who don't know how to sing, don't know how to write one interesting riff or melody, or couldn't even play their own music, because it was all pop! Myspace did not care, they did not give one shit. Our stuff was ignored due to this and the production issues it had.

Our music is 1000's of times better, tons of time changes, complex riffs being regularly used, faster,  more extreme, better vocals, better lyrics, better everything. Even in 2009 this was true, when it was starting to crap out on myspace. No one listened to our stuff due to the dozens of playcount inflator pop bands with their beeps and boops and their fake happy melodies and their stupid pop star singers who suck.

We jumped to reverbnation, and had tons of problems there. Placing auto-playing, reverbnation widgets on my myspace account was fine for a while, but profile updates and ironically myspace complaints let to autoplaying being turned off. It was retarded. We jumped from 35 in the boston Metal scene to 500 in one week. It sucked.

Now, 5 years later, reverbnation is ditched, and  tons of crappy alternatives like TweetMySong, TheSixtyOne, SoundSugar, WeLoveYourMusic, MetalTome, Mixsposure, Soundspire, were all tried and they all sucked. Soundcloud is the only one that We got any more than 5 plays on! And now our music is having the same exact problem it did 5 years ago as it did on myspace,  due to fake artists like some ones I've seen  (probably) using playcount inflators! Soundcloud won't do anything about them. I used to get 100+ plays per song per month, now I only get 5 or less, yet these fake artists are getting 30 fake plays per day! It's stupid! Soundcloud better make it so that only people in web browsers clicking on the play button count as plays. If they don't I'm shutting down my account, moving to Last.FM, and will do everything to tell people to avoid soundcloud at all costs! I mean it!

Our new cd "The Zombie Plague" will be released tonight at midnight!

Well, april fools as right around the corner. And since I released the previous 2 cd's in March, I decided to wait till April to release the next one by us. And that is what is going to happen tonight on our soundcloud account.  I plan to release the new songs then. I felt it would be a good time to do this. Late April/early may will also bring another cd into the fold as well, but that will be done during that period and is quite a while away from now.

I am looking forward to releasing the new material, I hope it gets shitloads of plays there, because I think it's really good....

 - Jim Arranius - Singer of Unleashing Vengeance

Unleashing Vengeance is number 9 on a Prog Metal List! Holy fracking Crap!

Well after looking up my band, "Unleashing Vengeance" on a google search, a big surprise happened! Some guy making a top 30 or something list of prog Metal bands put us in the 9 slot! Holy shit! That's awesome. Talk about some recognition for once! Thanks dude!

It's not like we are typical Prog Metal either. We sound nothing like Queensryche, Fates Warning, Dream Theater, Meshuggah, etc. We sound way heavier, riffs being influenced by stuff like Iced Earth, and other Power Metal bands, as well as old school Thrash. Our drumming is inspired by Prog Metal, Jazz, and Death Metal, as well as thrash. Our riffs are very diverse, being a mix of 3 different styles, Melodeath (At the Gates, etc), Iced Earthy galloping power Metal, and Thrash. And our guitar sound is brutally overdriven.  I don't know what to call us now. Prog/Thrash? Prog/Melodeath/Thrash? I just call it metal! Lol!

Thanks to whoever put us on that list. Much Appreciated.  \m/